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VOAD (Visualization Of Architecture Design) is based in New Delhi, India established in 2012. Our team is specialized in developing practical designs aesthetically appealing which provides a more functional and utilized spaces to make it simpler for the client to execute the design. We also provides execution services to our clients on the turnkey project basis and give the quality assurance to our client. We are having skilled man power for the execution work who does the work in proper way under our supervision.

VOAD is dedicated to creating world class projects with integrity, intelligence and flair. We reinterprets india's Architectural roots and consistently employs passive design solution for a unique contextual language.

INDIA is a Combination of various languages, lifestyle, Culture, beliefs, etc. which are reflected in the buildings as well. VOAD is specialized in developing the Designs which reflect the culture of the particular region which is connected to the indian roots but emerging with the Contemporary style.

About Us


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Construction workers (also known as construction laborers) work on construction sites. They are responsible for a number of on-site tasks, such as removing debris, erecting scaffolding, loading and unloading building materials, and assisting with operating heavy equipment.


Architecture Design

Architecture Design

We believe in planning the spaces which are more functional as well as spacious for living and reflect the culture of that particular region inside and outside the building

Architecture Design

We believe in planning the spaces which are more functional as well as spacious for living and reflect the culture of that particular region inside and outside the building

Interior Design

Interior Design

There is a huge material pallet available in the market these days for interiors. we provide the high end interior design to our clients within the budget

Interior Design

There is a huge material pallet available in the market these days for interiors. we provide the high end interior design to our clients within the budget

Structure Design

Structure Design

We have in house structure desingers team for the better cordination between aesthetics and structure. We make earthquake resistant structure to resist buildings from natural hazard.

Structure Design

We have in house structure desingers team for the better cordination between aesthetics and structure. We make earthquake resistant structure to resist buildings from natural hazard.

Project Management

Project Management

We are specialized in project management consultation as we have a team of project managers and site engineers to make sure the hassle free and more cordinated work.

Project Management

We are specialized in project management consultation as we have a team of project managers and site engineers to make sure the hassle free and more cordinated work.

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects

We provide turnkey solutions of interior as well as civil work to our clients so that the execution will be smooth and properly cordinated as we are the one stop solution for our clients.

Turnkey Projects

We provide turnkey solutions of interior as well as civil work to our clients so that the execution will be smooth and properly cordinated as we are the one stop solution for our clients.

Approvals From Authority

Approvals From Authority

We are providing building Approval Services from the concerend authority in NCR only which comprises the Sanctioning, Addition-Alteration, Regularization, Etc.

Approvals From Authority

We are providing building Approval Services from the concerend authority in NCR only which comprises the Sanctioning, Addition-Alteration, Regularization, Etc.

Our Core Team

"An Innovation can be done by a single person but implementaton
of that idea is always a Team Work"

So meet our core team here


Know the importance of using Fenestration in a building

Fenestration is derived from the Latin phrase fenestrae that means window. Fenestration refers back to the openings and/or entryways discovered inside a given structure. Modern Architecture has taken fenestration to new levels, integrating artwork and generation to create near-countless possibilities for constructing projects. Stronger aid substances, along with metallic beams, allow architects the ability to push the envelope at some point of the layout phase. Custom components, highly-priced completing touches, and distinct substances discovered in modern home windows and doorways are all made feasible via way of means of the improvements withinside the fenestration industry.

What is fenestration in a building?

Fenestration design can be explained as the arrangement of windows, doors, and openings in a building. However, windowing involves more than placing a load of openings in a building. The stronger a structure is, the more stable it will be. Every facade becomes weaker.

Hence the reason why ancient temples and monuments have fewer windows and openings. Early builders struggled to maintain the strength of a structure by removing or replacing load-bearing walls with space as it is difficult to load weight into a hole or gap. It is much easier for architects and developers to balance aspirations with the skills of the builder. Therefore, the window has become an integral part of the designs and plans.

It remains now no longer as easy as simply banging in as many home windows as you can into any belongings or build, as fenestration can substantially have an effect on the capability of the vicinity and required utilization of the building.

Types of Fenestration

There are lots of patterns and designs to pick from for home windows and openings. Here are a number of the maximum impactful patterns for home windows in conjunction with their uses. fenestration building plays an essential function in forming the bottom for the openings in conjunction with presenting a massive scope for custom layout improvement on each character style and there are much importance of fenestration in buildings.

  • Slit
  • Jalis or perforated windows
  • Glazed openable windows
  • French windows
  • Folding windows

Designs od Fenestration

Fenestration performs a main position in putting the indoors environment and defining the outside look of a shape. Modern houses and business areas are constantly experimenting with approaches of the use of fenestration to ensure mild transmittance and passive cross-ventilation. Many business areas such as malls, workplaces, and lodges these days use fenestration hints for energy performance and decreased prices a few approaches to fenestration designs that transform the shape of the space.

  1. The Windows alter space perception
  2. Bay windows for scaling for available space
  3. Use of sliding windows and doors
  4. The Choosing UPVC for energy efficiency
  5. Glass matters
  6. Weather friendly space
  7. Good Hardware
  8. Skylight

What does vertical fenestration mean?

Windows which can be constant or movable, opaque doorways, glazed doorways, glazed block, and mixture opaque and glazed doorways hooked up in a wall at much less than 15 levels from vertical. All regions withinside the constructing envelope that allow in light, such as windows, plastic panels, clerestories, skylights, glass doorways that are extra than one-1/2 of glass, and glass block walls. Other fenestration, even if established at the roof of a construction, is taken into consideration as vertical fenestration.

What is a fenestrated wall?

The time period fenestration is whatever that permits for passage from out of doors to inner in a maximum of the instances the fenestrated partitions are used because the form of surveillance applied in diverse they encompass a wall panel made from separate home windows used to reveal activities elsewhere - those partitions may be broken, and entered. Four fenestrated partitions are organized in a rectangular to shape a "Cubicle of Vigilance".

Importance of fenestrations in the buildings

Fenestration refers back to the openings withinside the building envelope, such as the set up of home windows, doors, and skylights. The inclusion of home windows and different openings withinside the domestic are vital as they enhance the general surroundings in the domestic, but they do paintings to break the seal of the domestic, offering feasible locations for air, water, and bloodless air to input the domestic. Thus, the number of openings blanketed in a domestic area has to be taken into account, in addition to the high-satisfactory of the substances used to create these openings alongside the placement.

  • Increase comfort by reducing the drafts and making the house feels warmer during the cold seasons.
  • Improve indoor air quality by reducing condensation, avoiding mild growth. As well, a tighter seal into the home prevents external impurities from entering the home.
  • Saving money by minimalizing air leakages, improving the presentation of heaters and condition, and improving the thermal performance of windows.
  • Control condensation due to the circumstance that energy-efficient windows stay warmer on inner exteriors, permitting for a higher level of comparative humidity without condensation.


Issues that occur due to fenestration

The problem with this arises because of improperly established windows, doors, and skylights. When massive drafts input a domestic it may cause overworked heating or aircon structures as out of doors air penetrates the constructing envelope, permitting untreated air to waft into the domestic. problem with along with windows, doors, and different kinds of fenestration is that surely along with those merchandise decreases the efficiency of the insulation in a domestic. By installing a window of a door and getting rid of part of the insulation withinside the wall of a domestic, the powerful R-cost of that wall is reduced. This results in a discounted capacity to withstand the waft of warmth inside a domestic. To keep away from this it's far important to make certain that great insulation is used and established properly. All fenestration merchandise revel in a diploma of warmth loss because of:

Radiation: warmness power is absorbed through the fabric of the door or window and radiates towards the cooler side.

Conduction: warmness power actions thru the strong sub-stances that make up the body or other components of the window, door, or skylight.

Convection: warmness power is transferred to the air among components of the window or door.

Air leakage: warmness power is transferred to air transferring thru seals or gaps in the door or window

The fenestrations play a crucial position in retaining the strong void ratio of the construction alongside making the constructing porous sufficient to respire and lessen its carbon footprint on the encompassing environment. In this way fenestrations function as a boon for light, airflow, and additionally scenic panoramic perspectives from the shape alongside growing an effect at the cease consumer viewing it thru the outside or simply passing by.

Types and Importance of Fenestration in Commercial Buildings
Choose to work from an environmentally friendly office to keep the mental peace

A garden office is an ideal method to telecommute. You stay away from the tedious, dirtied drive and hopeless corporate workspace, yet move your own committed space away from the interruptions of evening television and collapsing up the clothing!

Furthermore, since you've put resources into your own space, why not invest some energy transforming it into a spot you'll very much want to be? Working from an environment friendly office doesn't mean you need to hold back on style!

The more agreeable, beautiful, and welcoming you make your office, the additional time you'll need to spend there - which will undoubtedly emphatically affect your inspiration and usefulness.

Is a garden office a good idea?

Regardless of whether you incline toward present-day clean lines, cool Scandi, or nation stylish, a Garden office ideas interior is your opportunity to put yourself out there. Furthermore, you don't need to connect the styling to the remainder of your home, or even adjust it to your family's preferences in the event that you don't really want to. In a devoted space put aside from the house, you can allow your creative mind to go crazy and make a style that is extraordinary to you.

A considerable lot of our garden office clients come to us for this very explanation. They need their very own position, that they can put their own blemish on - a spot they can remove themselves to, switch effectively to work mode, and be enlivened and persuaded to work. A garden office is your opportunity to be inventive and express your character.

How do I choose a garden office?

All our garden structures are fabricated from PEFC, breathable lumber, so there's no danger of moist infiltrating the construction and harming your archives, work records, and books. You can choose garden office interior design according to your choice.


Contemporary Crittal cool

The contemporary energy of this garden office begins with the on-pattern, Crittal-style windows. The particular dark casings promptly signal a takeoff from what you'd expect in many workplaces. The dramatization of the windows is set off quietly by the delicate white of the tongue and depression dividers, while the work area and racking unit match the straight dark lines of the windows and entryways. The inside has a particularly mathematical, Bauhaus style, with retro seats in splendid flies of shading added for unwinding. Writing material fills a functional need, yet looks great in plain view racks.

A tall light adds tallness to the inside and is useful for perusing and contemplating.

Smaller than normal office units: style for one

The advantage of a more modest workspace is that there's little space for the interruption. To make a feeling of the room, this inside plot keeps it straightforward, with white dividers and racking. Little cabinets and work area drawers keep away from the visual mess, with the outside spaces scantily outfitted. The Pod feels open and brilliant, a genuinely deliberate workplace.

Tall, include plants adds an exquisite unevenness and stature to space. Just as being outwardly engaging, research recommends plants decrease pressure and increment efficiency and innovativeness. What's more, as they photosynthesize their way as the day progressed, they're cleaning the air, making your office a better work environment. Simply remember to take care of and water them every now and then, you don't need them turning in their notification!

A brilliant material adds warmth and shading. Note how you can add interest to your space with eccentric clocks and gorgeous tall stockpiling, with sprinkles of strong shading. A splendid, roundabout mat adds warmth and surface and separates the rectangular lines. Also, it will be easy to get a variety of garden office decor ideas on the internet.  

Cool insides, Scandi style

Your garden office needs to make a functioning air that suits your demeanor. Splendid, punchy tones might be what you need to take advantage of your champion soul. In any case, those of a more quiet mien will lean toward the cool straightforwardness of a Scandi themed inside.

Scandinavian plan patterns are exceptionally mainstream. White straightforwardness is vital. What's preferable for the spirit over working in a quiet, nonpartisan space, balance with common adornments, for example, pine cones and plants? A sheepskin cover threw over the rear of the seat adds delicate quality, solace, and warmth, making a space everybody would need to be in.

We find in this Scandi inside, warm, wood impact cover flooring, a wooden work area, white dividers, and bushels woven with regular filaments. Everything talks about simple moderation, a tasteful that permits the space to justify itself with real evidence, utilizing light, and nature's own surfaces.

Log lodge extravagance

Withdrawing into the comfortable warmth of a log lodge invokes figments of venturing off the slants for a spot of après-ski in a snow-clad Alpine retreat. In any case, imagine a scenario in which the deception could be reproduced in a back garden in Bath.

Make a home from home

Indeed, here it is. The inside of this log lodge we worked for one of our neighborhood clients, is a genuine home from home. The blend of nectar shaded lumber-clad dividers, warm lighting, and dark red decorations, make that moment twist up with a decent book fireside vibe.

But at the same time, it's a center of monetary action, with plentiful space for the proprietor's work area and seat, and a comfortable seat for customer discussions. What's more, while it might look rural, this lodge is reassuringly current, with a completely protected rooftop and floor, and twofold coated windows and entryways. It’s super-thick 70mm strong lumber dividers give expanded warmth in winter, and keep the spot quite cool in summer, making it an agreeable and trendy work environment.

Why are garden rooms so expensive?

Expenses of garden rooms can shift enormously because of the assortment of materials utilized and the highlights included. Numerous brands offer development and painting administrations, albeit this for the most part requires an extra expense.

Styling your garden office is tied in with making a mood that attracts you and keeps you there, engaged and content. In this space, the proprietor has made a space for unwinding also as work, which means he can take normal breaks without leaving the lodge. Comfortable tosses have been added to mollify the look. Everything necessary to finish it is a complementing tone on a couple of the dividers - and a couple of shoes and a steaming hot mug of espresso!

Why Is It Important That Your House Is Built By A Licensed Engineer Or Architect

You may have plans to remodel or build a new house this season and for doing so it is perfect to take help of a professional. The expert should have the right working license in the field to make things happen with the best of ease and expertise. You cannot build a home on your own. You will always need the help and guidance of an expert in doing things with the best of skill and with the right utilities in process. It is always right to hire a licensed engineer or Voad architect and they will make things happen according to the proposed plan and structure.

Exemplary Architect Utility

In matters of building the right edifice, you should know why hire an architect from Voad. He is the best person to help build the house maintaining the apt building norms and structural excellence. It is the matter of making the house stand erect from the ground and the engineer will look to the strength factor of the establishment from the core. He will look after the entire design and even the construction process to make the building look appealing and right. Being a licensed architect you can even add on to the floor plan and do the rest of the things with clear perfection.

Right Expertise of the Engineer

When the Voad engineer holds the right license and expertise in the field he can give ready shape to the whole construction process. A good architect will focus on three things and these are layout of the area, the land artistry, and the main design of the edifice. It is apt to have a good looking construction at the end, but the pillar has to be strong from the start and this certified engineer can help to make sure. The best engineer will know more about the tested building components and the inert technology to make things stand strong on the ground.

Importance of a Local Engineer

At times it is important to have architect for hire near me. If you appoint a local engineer he can collect all relevant data regarding the person of real caliber. A local Voad engineer will be aware of the exact building construction cost and he will be able to guide you appositely. It is necessary that you rightly utilize the caliber of the constructional engineer and then start on with things after you know that all things are ready and applicable in the genre.

Investing Essential time and Money

It is important that you invest both time and money as part of a constructional project. Therefore, it is necessary that you become sure regarding the caliber of the Voad building construction engineer. In the initial phase it is important to know what you want by means of the building construction. Once you know about the requirement you can be ready to invest the sum in the mode of constructing the edifice with the best of care and attention. At the point it is important to take notice of Architect Design. It is the art form to help your residence appear strong and appealing.

Placement and Position of the Building

After having an interaction with the licensed Voad architect, he will be able to decide what needs to be done and what things to use as part of the effective building construction. At the deciding stage the architect should make a vivid plan of how to make the building stand with all the essential things just in place. A licensed architect will help you decide regarding the position of the bathroom and the kitchen area. He will help you decide in matters of number of bedrooms and placement of the same.


At the deciding stage, the owner of the home should express his desires and take advantage of architect design of house to the extent of perfection and excellence. The price of the Voad engineer will depend on the nature and amount of service he is sure to put in the project. Before you sit to hire an expert it is important that you do the negotiation and make things perfect by means of construction and designing of the building. Some projects are based on hourly rates and there are some constructional projects to have fixed fee. You should talk to the engineer openly before the construction start in actual.


Q1- Can an architect build a house?

Definitely an architect can help in constructing a building. He is the right person well versed in the field and he knows best how to start a project and complete things with the best of success. However, do things right it is necessary for the architect to have the right architectural license to complete with the course of construction. He must be a certified architect to help in the proper construction of your edifice.

Q2- What is the capability of a licensed architect?

There are certain states where only a licensed architect can take care of building construction. They are capable to construct three stories and the commercial edifices. Being the licensed architect the professional can choose from the nature of the projects that he should work on. Moreover, the architect should belong to a reputable firm to have the best participation in the project.

Q3- What questions you generally ask an architect?

The first things you would ask the architect regarding the time taken for the completion of the project. You can even ask him regarding your participation in the project. It is important that you ask the architect regarding the fee structure and what should be your expectations in matters of constructional cost. You should also important to interact with the architect to know regarding the considerations, the issues, and the challenges of the constructional project.

Q4- What things you should know before meeting with an architect?

It is important to be open when you sit to interact with the expert architect. After all it is about constructing your residence and you must not take things casually. It is important that you know about the license and reputation of the architect in actual.

Different Types of Floor and Flooring Materials

The right Voad flooring option is important for the apt home designing and arrangement. Before you are all set to select the sort of flooring for your home, you should research on the same and stop at the right option. The flooring of the room makes a huge difference in existence. If you have a wooden floor it is great to have hardwood flooring but it is not an alternative to placing of a mega carpet in the bedroom. However, the choice of flooring depends on the kind of necessity you have. Thus, you need to go through extensive flooring options before you stop at the right one. 

Right Floor to Match Room Décor 

You have the best Types of flooring in India, and you can make a selection of the floor option matching with the room interior. When it comes to home flooring you are sure to have the best of Voad options in store. Thus, you should be considerate and aware regarding the apt floor type to choose to well match with the rest of the interior placement. Once you start weighing your options it is important to consider things in the process. You pick the floor that well matches with your home décor and this contributes the sort of accomplishment to your existence. 

Right Floor to Consider 

We at Voad help you choose to have the right material for sturdy floor construction right from the beginning. If the floor is strong it can withstand the several climactic hazards and pressures coming in the way. You should have a god look at the room for which you sit to choose the floor type. The flooring option should well match the room type and the sort of flooring necessity you have. You should also have the right floor type for your kitchen and the bathroom. A laminated flooring can o well and cam withstand abrasion and rough usage. 

Necessary to be Specific 

There are several types of flooring in interior design. You need to be specific regarding the apt flooring material. If you want to have a style statement rug look and it is best to have stained wood flooring mainly for the living and the dining rooms. In fact, the right and exclusive material at Voad architecture used for the flooring can help change the overall look and feel of the home. If you are looking something great and inexpensive you can pick for the option of vinyl flooring. 

Flooring for Specific Room Sections 

If you want to have luxurious flooring the option of a wooden floor is sure to be the best option. It adds feel and excellence in your overall existence. If you want to have various floors for various rooms you need to divide the house in three main sections. As part of Voad architecture we offer you three main areas like the kitchen, the bathroom and the living area. It is important that you keep the considerations in mind for making perfect floor selection with the rest of the specialties. Before all things you need to do the extensive research in spotting the right floor options for your overall room presence. 

Flooring for the Kitchen 

We at Voad have the best and the Common Flooring option it is apt to have an apposite internet searching. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and to make the zone look complete and sufficing you need to have the flooring type that you can easily clean and maintain. The type of kitchen flooring should be such to help serve durability and look at the same time. There can be spills and pressures and the strength of the floor should be such to be able to handle things with best of perfection and convenience. 


You should look for the right floors for the living and the dining spaces. You have options of sheer Modern house flooring. The choice of the floor mainly depends on the feel and look of the rooms. The choice of floor will also depend on your personal preference. The hardwood floor and the stone tiles will help you enjoy warmth and versatility in offering. Such materials can help break up the spaces and add comfort to the overall surface. There are homeowners to have classic carpet flooring to add excellence and charm to the ambiance. 


1. Which is the most economical flooring used in India?

In India you have the economical and usable flooring options to choose. You can start with the vinyl floor option and this is sure to fit in your budget with the sort of extravagance. If you want to bargain for the floor then a laminate option would be perfect. It is also good to have oak flooring for the room. It is economical and stylish at the same time. You can even choose to have the plywood for the floor it becomes easy for you to have something elegant and economical at the same time. 

2. Which flooring is good for health in India?

Marble and granite floors in India are best for your health. These are naturally available materials in the perfect floor construction to help you with the natural and perfect existential benefits. The materials are non-porous in nature and these can be best for your health purpose. You will often hear about the extensive usage of granite flooring in all parts of India. They have long term positive health effects to help you stay alive with the best of positive vibe and effects. 

3. Best floor design for hills house?

The hill houses are different from the others. They must come with the strong flooring option to be able to withstand abrasion and rest of the features. You can even choose to have carpets for the floors and these look stylish and utilitarian at the same time. The carpets are available in various styles and patterns and it is the best flooring option you can have especially with houses on the hills. Laminate is the other option you can have to fit well on the floor and it is also great in appearance. 

What Kind Of Houses Are There In Hilly Areas

In the hillside area, you can see residents with sloping roofs. Sloping roofs are preferable in hill side area residents because it helps the snow and the water to slip down. Stones are also easily available there because stones are mostly used to build a house in that area. The roofs of the resident are also made with slate stone. Materials that are used while constructing the hill area residents are timber stone, mud, timber brick, natural stone dressed or undressed. The homes in the mountain area vary according to their location.

Perfect Aesthetics to Consider 

Contemporary home has its principles that define its simple aesthetics like open floor plans, minimal clutter, clean lines, minimal clutter, and a neutral color palette. All these elements give you a sophisticated lifestyle. If you are planning for getting Voad construction on this kind of house, we will include a plan set for you. With the help of a foundation plan, you will be able to see the slab, basement, and crawl space. This includes the footing layout, extent of structural slabs, posts, and beams. It depends on what type of foundation you are purchasing. Dimensioned plans indicate the layout of the room, doors, walls, and windows. You will also get to see the roof plan, exterior elevation, building section, electric plans, and construction notes and details.

Hill Home with Unique Flooring 

Covered with grass on the mountainside build-up home is just a dream home for you. And getting your dream home in your life is a bit complicated. Building up your home on the mountain brings a unique challenge which you need to be aware of the additional cost and long construction of time. House designing on the hills has two methods cut and fill. By adding soil, we level up the ground. The soil is brought in to fill up the plot to make it in a level. It can be also cut from the slop or can be tucked out and can also be used to build up walls for the home. The method of cutting and filling can construct more and expensive for a home of flat size. Building your dream resident on a mountain have the best benefits like you can enjoy the view, have a big space, and also get natural lighting. Building upon the mountains allows you to select the best location as per your choice.

Right Floor Architecture 

We at Voad deliver with the kind of interesting architecture is the most advantage of the building a resident in the sloppy area. It allows you to have a great view of the mountain. There are many house designs on the hill slopes. Just for example a stepped house-design which allows you to have a grand view.  Ocho houses are built in the oak forest. The topmost side of the resident is the main entrance of this resident. You will also get a large pavilion for entertaining and lounging. Getting a full-size window for getting a beautiful view of nature will make your resident look more beautiful. And there is a stunning floor to the ceiling window in the bedroom.


Building a modern house on the hills will look stunning. The design of the resident is comprised of three components. Each of them is for different use. You can build a guest suite and living room with a separate entry by the garden. You can also have a supportive space with a glass toward the yard. At Vode we make use of materials which are used for the façade are concrete, white cedar siding, and zinc panels. Acid-etched steel and powder-coated aluminum, natural plaster, architectural glass, etc. And for making the floor white oak is needed. 


1. What kind of houses are there in hilly areas?

Ans: - In hilly areas you will get many types of houses like Dhajji-Dewar it can be made with timber stone or mud. You will also get to see Taaq system houses, these are made with timber and bricks, stone houses are also there, it is made up with natural stone. And the wooden houses which are also made up of timber. Mainly you will get to see the roofs of the houses are slopping because it helps the rainwater and the snow to slip down easily.

2. What is considered as contemporary home?

Ans: - A contemporary home reflects the current style of the houses. These contemporary homes are present with many elements like modern boho and farmhouses. The contemporary home is popular its style is hard to define. This style is unique because it takes elements from other aesthetics. You can see the futurizing design, traditional and art deco, and also a modern look.This design is defined by curved lines and neutral colors. This design gives your home a classy and fancy look. 

3. Is it safe to build a house on a hill?

Ans: - If you build a house at the top of the mountain slope you won't face any problem. But if your house is on the side of the slop you need to look after the amount of water flowing toward your house. You need to make sure your builder needs to create a foundation that is slightly exposed on the upslope, fill dart needs to be added for the partly counter slope against your house.  Your house must have a good drainage system which helps to prevent the water which is getting into the house.

4. How much does it cost to build a house on a hillside?

Ans: - Building a house on a hillside costs vary from one fifty per square feet foot to five hundred per square feet. It depends on the features and the amenity of the house. It may require an expensive engineer because it is being built upon the hillside with multiple levels. If you get the opportunity of building your dream home in real on the hill slopes you won't back off, but the property which you want to purchase can be a bit high in cost. You can enjoy the experience of staying at your dream house so investing money for it is worth it.

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"An Innovation can be done by a single person but implementaton of that idea is always"

So meet our core team here

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